BLACK CAT Soy Sauce: trusted by customers for 67 years


The look of a Nam Duong soy sauce bottle is undoubtedly modern, it seems incomprehensible to the younger generation that it has been around for 67 years; being in kitchens during the lives of not only their parents, but their grandparents too!

Nam Duong has been a part of Vietnamese family meals for 67 years

At the same time as “Ms. Ba Soap”, Hynos, Da Lan toothpaste, and Con Cop soft drinks were emerging in 1951, so too was Nam Duong - ready to claim its position in the hearts of local consumers.

During the 60s and 70s Nam Duong even expanded into Cambodia and Laos, whilst on the home front it had become a staple in seemingly every kitchen in Vietnam. Nam Duong quickly became the premiere brand for the production of vegetable-based sauces across the country.

The demands of consumers were changing, as was Vietnam: the country began to open up to international trade. This period was also a challenging time for Nam Duong, encountering the same struggles as many other brands. Being the dynamic and forward-thinking company that it was, Nam Duong was able to innovate and keep pace with the modernization of the country and changing tastes of domestic and foreign consumers.

No matter the changes and challenges faced by the company, its 70 years of history stands testament to its resilience. Even when seemingly everything else is changing, love for the flavor and comforting scent of Nam Duong still endures.

The glass bottle of the “Black Cat soy sauce” is embellished in the memories of all who have tasted it

The “Black Cat” soy sauce is a one of a kind; it sticks in the memories of parents and grandparents as a genuine, tasty accompaniment to many a meal. Near to home, or living far away, the drizzling of Nam Duong soy sauce on any meal allows young people to reconnect with their families and their childhoods through memories of delicious family meals.

Nam Duong’s recipe for success: a combination of preserving tradition mixed with looking to the future

Being recognized as a “Vietnam High Quality Good” since 1997 is a proud achievement of Nam Duong. It is a clear illustration of the love felt for the brand and the connection they have fostered with their consumers. So familiar to everyone in Vietnam, Nam Duong was also awarded the auspicious prize of the Third Class Labor Medal in recognition of how it has added value to the Vietnamese economy.

As illustrious as these achievements are, they are but one feather in the company’s cap. The willingness to innovate and change with the times is integral to success.

Brands have come and gone in the Vietnamese market, they rise and fall and some even completely fold, yet the “Black Cat” of Nam Duong is still going strong.

A company restructure and factory upgrade in the 1980s allowed the brand to expand and develop new and exciting offerings. A key moment is this story of change was the founding of the Nam Duong International Foodstuff Corporation (NDFC). The partnership between Wilmar and the Saigon Union of Trading Co-operatives (Saigon Co.op) has been instrumental in allowing the company to change and adapt. Saigon Co.op bring the distribution and logistics know-how, whilst Wilmar bring modern technology, research skills, and investment potential, a winning combination that ensures the continued success of the company.

Following an investment of hundreds of billions of VND, the Nam Duong factory was built, allowing a superior product to be made, in line with customer demands

The highest standards of quality, hygiene, and food safety are rigorously adhered to and products are exported to the USA, Russia, and Poland.

Although a bottle of Nam Duong soy sauce may look very different to the past, the black cat logo is still a mainstay.

Looks may change, but the historic recipe dating back 67 years remains steadfast - the familiar flavor so characteristic of Nam Duong soy sauce is still exactly how your grandmother would remember.

It’s a fine line to tread: maintaining the key to success of product taste and quality, whilst bringing in modern processes and dealing with an ever-changing economy. Nam Duong has been able to confidently walk that line, remaining vital and dynamic.

Knowing how to be successful over all these years, you can be assured Nam Duong will continue to thrive.