Le Thien Hieu attracted another audience with his new release


Every fan of Le Thien Hieu must remember his last smash hit from two years ago - “My Grandparents”. He’s now ready to take a second go at igniting your love for his music, this time around he is set to launch the reworking of the old hit “My Family Meal”.

The deeper meaning to his music video for “My Family Meal” garnered a lot of attention and resonated deeply with his audience. Through the video, he offers layers of meaning mixed with quirky camera work. Cameos abound from such stars as Chi Tai, Phuong Thanh, Dan Truong, Thanh Thao Hugo, Hoang Bach, and Tuyen Map.

Excitement was added with the guest appearances of local celebrities in the “My Family Meal” video

Any child of the 80s would have been awestruck when watching the clip for “My Family Meal”. It’s packed with quaint references to their childhoods, reproduced in perfect detail and in every shot.

Even the social media generation love a hint of nostalgia as they try to understand the lives of their parents on screen rather than listening to the old family stories. The sights of the old shops with posters from vintage brands, the golden oldie hits on the radio, it all brought the last century flooding back in vivid color bringing to life everything they had heard.

The classic haircut of Dan Truong evoked many old memories

The stroll down memory lane was accomplished with mastery; small details were well placed to build a complete picture of a bygone time. The video follows a girl as she passes through a tailors, a coffeeshop, and a barbershop that line the street of an old apartment block. She comes across the handsome guys and beautiful girls of the neighborhood, all flirting and courting at the local hangout spot. Next, she goes to Aunt Bay’s grocery, such a familiar place to any 80s kid, where their moms sent them to buy the family’s groceries; sugar, salt, fish sauce, soy sauce…

A childhood in a picture: Black Cat soy sauce, instant noodles, a palm leaf fan…

The adoration of the audience is once again well won by Le Thien Hieu. As with his tune “My Grandparents”, he sings about family with a caring and gentle manner. The "Sing My Song" musician took his inspiration from family meals of yesteryear that still resonate even in this modern age. Mom dutifully prepares and cooks in the kitchen whilst dad sit ready to eat, offering encouraging words. In that memory it’s impossible to forget the bowls of rice and collection of favorite dishes all drizzled with the familiar soy sauce.

“Aunt Bay, can I have a bottle of Black Cat soy sauce?” says our protagonist, as the video transitions from the past into the present day where she now has her own family to cook for and nurture. The food she cooks looks different, the clothes they wear look different, yet still the bowl of Nam Duong soy sauce sits on the dinner table, ready to have mom’s delicious food dipped into it. The simplicity is striking, as Le Thien Hieu opines, “it is the taste of love” bringing the family together for dinner.

Bringing childhood memories into every meal is truly the “taste of love”

Le Thien Hieu has a gently honesty in how he communicates with his audience, at once bringing back fond memories whilst also offering a nod to a growing family. Reflecting the success of “My Grandparents”, audiences are once again being captivated by his message of love.

(Source: Dan Tri Newspaper)