Building the Nam Duong brand for over half a century


If you travel back to 1951, you’d see that no meal was complete without a bottle of Nam Duong soy sauce on the table. 

Times may change, yet the bottle of soy sauce accompanying each meal has been a steadfast fixture in many families. In a story spanning more than sixty years, Nam Duong has brought families together in their mutual love for the classic taste of the prestigious brand.

The perfect soy sauce for more than 60 years

Nam Duong soy sauce is a comforting habit, ready to serve in every home with every meal. Mr. Phan Van Lanh, a District 8 native, has had a lifetime love of for the delicious soy sauce from Nam Duong. He explains, “No one in my generation would dare serve a meal without Nam Duong Black Cat soy sauce. It’s a family joke, if you want to get me out of my chair you just need to prepare a bowl of white rice, drizzled with Nam Duong soy sauce. The taste of the natural, sweet sauce from soy beans, soaked into the fluffy white rice is life affirming for an old man like me! Nam Duong soy sauce guarantees I’ll enjoy me meal.”

Mr. Lanh isn’t the only one who recognizes the importance of Nam Duong in cozy family meals. In District 6, Mrs. Minh Tran tells of the peaceful memories from her childhood, “My mum would cook every meal for my dad, pouring her love into the meal and pouring Nam Duong soy sauce over his rice. I watched and learned my mum’s technique, and now I care for my husband by serving deliciously sweet Nam Duong Soy Sauce with every meal, too.”

Nam Duong soy sauce; the taste of love at every family table

Back in 1951, Nam Duong began in a soy sauce workshop; a private enterprise producing soy sauce products sealed with the Black Cat symbol. Prosperity soon followed, the people of Saigon were in awe at the sight of the three-storey factory in Cho Lon, with nearly 400 employees.

Enduring many a trial and tribulation, Nam Duong soy sauce has come to be a staple of the Vietnamese dinner table. It has earned a place in the hearts and the bellies of loyal customers who crave the traditional Nam Duong Black Cat taste.

Combining modern technology with traditional tastes

History is the reason Nam Duong has such as strong connection with those who enjoy it. The high standards held by the brand are a product of many important milestones, taking advantage of both tradition and progress.

In 1981 the Nam Duong company was taken under the ownership of the Saigon Union of Trading Co-operatives and renamed Nam Duong Sauce Enterprise. The new owners rung in an era of rapid development for Nam Duong. The company thrived in the domestic market following the move, having been awarded the title of ‘Vietnam High Quality Goods’ for eighteen consecutive years. With the highest standards of quality and food safety being so important, it’s no surprise that bottles of Nam Duong soy sauce have reached the dinner tables of the USA, Russia, Poland and Hungary.

Saigon Co.op does a deal with Wilmar Group, bringing an investment of nearly VND 600 billion to Nam Duong soy sauce

Nam Duong International Foodstuff Corporation was borne out of a venture contract signed between Saigon Co.op and Wilmar Group in 2015. A capital investment of US$25.6million was fed into the company, and with it the company’s position has seen significant improvements. The strength of its products; the flavors customers have grown to know and love over six decades, all have been preserved whilst the brand has gained the advantages of a vast and developed infrastructure, along with the potential for increased investment, more research, and more advanced technology.

Following an injection of hundreds of billions of dong, a brand new factory was completed in Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park in Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City. The factory comes fully equipped with the best technology to produce the full range of Nam Duong products, from sauces to spices. With the highest standards and most modern machines, all international standards are met at the new facility.

There is no brand that can hold a flame to the relationship that has developed between Nam Duong and Vietnamese families over the more than 60 years. Classic taste goes hand in hand with modern production, offering the platform for Nam Duong to conquer the domestic and foreign markets. The future is bright and full of achievements yet to be dreamed.

(Source: Tuoi Tre Newspaper)