Sharing of The President Chef on Nam Duong soy sauce


Anh Tuyet is a culinary artist, well-versed in Vietnamese cuisine, and chef for the banquet for the 21 heads of state present for the APEC Conference 2019, held in Vietnam. Her soy sauce of choice? “The Best Taste of  Vietnamese Soy Sauce in 2019”, Nam Duong Soy Sauce, giving her traditional recipes a special flavor.

The President’s Chef has been mastering flavor since the age of 9

Spending more than fifty years in the kitchen has given Anh Tuyet plenty of time to learn about Vietnamese culinary culture. The culinary artist explained that spices are key to the success of her dishes. At nine years old her grandmother taught her to hand make jars of pickled eggplant, to marinate each fish she cooked, to season each fish stew with soy sauce. In these lessons, she began to master the use of flavor.

She explained that in the 60s, her grandmother’s sauce of choice was Black Cat, or Con Meo Den, which is now known as Nam Duong soy sauce. Inheriting her preferences from her grandmother, the culinary artist now chooses the condiment as an addition to every dish that needs soy sauce. “Con Meo Den soy sauce has a distinctive smell; a smell of natural soy beans that creates a smooth texture, gives a deep color, and adds a light sweetness that enhances every dish I use it in,” Anh Tuyet enthused. “It’s not always been easy to buy Con Meo Den sauce, so I had to experiment with other sauces to try and replicate my grandmother’s cooking. I never found the right replacement to bring the same flavors to my grandmother’s five-flavor steamed bass,” explained the artist.

Culinary artist Anh Tuyet showcases a traditional meal, prepared for guests at her restaurant.

As well as in the main course, Anh Tuyet also uses Nam Duong soy sauce in her vegetable dishes. She notes that sauces are not only for dipping, but a vital ingredient to enhance delicious flavors and feeling of love and joy in any dish, be it vegetables or fish. The sauce brings families together in their love of food and brings Vietnamese food to a global market with its strong and recognizable flavors.

The traditional sauce has been recognized as “The Best Taste of Vietnamese Soy Sauce of 2019”

2019 saw Nam Duong soy sauce, emblazoned with the symbol of Con Meo Den on the bottle, honored with the title “The Best Taste of Vietnamese Soy Sauce in 2019”. The recognition followed a vote in the Canadian bilingual publication, Culture Magazin, and the president’s chef, Anh Tuyet, agrees.

Present in Vietnamese cooking for more than seven decades, Nam Duong soy sauce has been a part of traditional meal preparation. It fulfills its role of delivering a light and sweet taste, ready to enhance even the most gourmet of dishes.

The sauce bowl takes center stage at a family dinner table, bringing everyone together in the enjoyment of great flavor

When the culinary artist met with the media, she discussed why she relies on Nam Duong soy sauce; she finds harmony in the traditional values that it embodies. Her love of the sauce was demonstrated in her menu for the 2017 APEC conference. With hundreds of recipes to choose from, she selected six dishes that truly represented Vietnam to prepare for the guests. Every ingredient was specially selected to be a “cultural and culinary representative” of Vietnamese cuisine. Nam Duong soy sauce has been a part of the family dining table since 1951, embracing a 70-year history of delivering original and traditional taste to the nation and winning the love of consumers.

Nam Duong soy sauce – recognized as “The Best Taste of Vietnamese Soy Sauce” in a vote in Culture Magazin

Even with modern meals and a choice of the best international ingredients, the position of the soy sauce bowl at the center of a meal remains steadfast. The whole family joins in dipping their food in the most traditional of Vietnamese condiments.

(Source: Kham Pha Newspaper)